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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grey Toon Vigilante

I forgot to blog about this at the time, but back in December (when, lets face it, I was too busy with Christmas nights out and wondering what to get The Boy's family for Christmas), the Peenj published the following story:

Risks of taking law into your own hands

Published: 16/12/2008

Hardly a week goes by without us reading about another case where someone has taken the law into their own hands only for it to end in tragedy.

The problem with vigilantes is that they lack the judgment, training and self-control which the real enforcers of the law must have.

This is why vigilante cases inevitably involve excessive behaviour, mob rule, violence and even death.

We now read about the case of xxxxx, a former oil worker, who carried out a terrifying attack on a prostitute as part of a bizarre attempt to rid the streets of drugs.

His case is complicated by issues about his mental health, but the fact remains that prostitutes involved in such a hazardous occupation deserve the same support from the law as anyone else. They are easy targets as a number of recent notorious murder cases have proved.

Other cases have also shown quite graphically how people who take the law into their own hands, motivated by revenge, often end up committing a worse crime. It is not unusual for innocent victims to pay with their lives in cases of mistaken identity.

This is why the courts must continue to take a hard line in such cases to deter others from following suit.

(original link here - http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/989442)

(An artist's impression, courtesty of http://marvelkids.marvel.com/create_your_own_superhero. Check them rigboots.)

I don't think he thought it out too well. For a start if you're going to rid the Grey Toon of drugs... surely you should be targeting the Drug Dealers. Not the toothless innocents of Cotton Street...

Also, I think we can all agree that if you're going to be a Vigilante in the Grey Toon then at the very least you need a costume. Preferably a nice thermal one. Possibly a mask too - those winds can be quite biting when you're up on top of the Sally Army Citadel looking down on the city you guard.

Next you're going to need a name. Something powerful, yet connecting you to the place you look after. How about Captain Mince for example? That would go particularly well - especially if at some point in the future you're going to need a sidekick. Who other than Buttery Boy!?

Of course if you're going to go for a more edgy feel - perhaps you could look to the oil industry for inspiration. "Roughneck." Or simply, "The Derrick"

Being a closet geek, I could go on and on with this subject. For example, good weaponry is often associated with vigilantes. Y'know, it's amazing what you can do with a sharpened seagull...

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